Old Germanic cemetery [Hier ruhet in Gott]

Some weeks ago I was in village named Smilgiai. Here was forest. In the forest are two cemeteries: one for lithuanians, another for germans. The second one is very old. In it’s gates incused ’1939′. Earlier here buried germans. Both cemeteries are next to each other, but view of it are very different. Lithuanian cemetery is used nowadays and germanic cemetery is long time not used for people’s burial. Therefore german cemetery is unkept, small and overgrown with trees, scrubs, grass… Lots of graves are without monuments, so nobody know who is buried. But some of the graves had monuments and I took photographs of it. Some graves was little bit excavated.
Here is photo serie of old germanic cemetery, where somebody’s ancesters are buried here in small Lithuania’s forest:

monument in old germanic cemetery
Monument for Eduard Freimann [1855 marz 30 - 1924 april 24]

Eduard Freimann [1855 marz 30 - 1924 april 24]
Hier ruht in Gott Eduard Freimann [geb. 1855 marz 30 - gest. 1924 april 24]

Johan Bllun [1853-19×8] and Eva bllun 1863 -1936
Gravestones of Johan Bllun [1853-19×8] and Eva Bllun 1863 -1936

Hier ruhet in Gott Eva Bllun [1863-1936]

Johan Bllun [1853-19×8]
Hier ruhet in Gott Johan Bllun [1853-19x8]

Cross in the old germans cemetery
Cross in the old germans cemetery

gustav wagner 1866-1914
Gustav Wagner [1866-1914]

josepa lingertat 1876-1936
Hier ruht in Gott Josepa Lingertat [1876-1936]

old cross in the grass
Old cross in the grass

hier ruht karl shmitt von garschwiniei. 30 jahre alt. gest. 1933
Hier ruht Karl Shmitt von Garschwiniei 30 Jahre alt. Gest. den 15 Apr 1933

old germans cemetery

unser lieber fatter Mateus Nisleit 1848 - 1928
Unser lieber Fatter Mateus Nisleit [1848 - 1928]

unsere liebe mutter. Amalija Nisleit 1858 - 1920
Unsre liebe Mutter. Amalija Nisleit 1858 – 1920

german cemetery in lithuania’s forest